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Motokazie is a race promotion company - We do everything that it takes to produce a motorsports event: sell contracts/shows, acquire sponsors, build/maintain the tracks, promote the event, score the race, maintain a series, and provide an exciting show for the thrill-seeking racers and spectators.

Motokazie was the vision of a 19 year old Pro racer from Minnesota - who was trying to create local racing venues for the Twin Cities. With no financial backing, borrowed equipment, an incredible amount of work, and an even more incredible amount of convincing, Motokazie put on its first races in 1997.

From that tiny 3 race series in 1997, to over 50 events in 2014, Motokazie has grown into a complete Motorsports Promotions Company, producing:

  • AMA/District 23 Sanctioned Races at Mankato
  • Supercross Racing – Motokazie Supercross Championship Series
  • Indoor Motocross the Red Horse Ranch Arena, Fergus Falls, MN
  • Organized Practices at Jordan, Mankato
  • Race Schools
  • Other various special events (Endurance, ATV Challenge, FMX, Supermoto)
  • Private Track Building -
Motokazie has produced over 1,000 successful events to date and attributes the rapid growth to our aggressive marketing and expert production of all events. Motokazie strives to provide the best racing experience for both the riders and the spectators. We've spent a lot of hours and plenty of sweat and labor to produce what we think are some of the highest quality motorsports events in the Midwest.

Our events offer racing classes for the little kids (starting at age 4) to the big kids (up to age 55). We have 16 classes in Supercross, starting at 50cc Oil (beginner) to Pro Big bikes. We also have 5 different classes for Quad racers in our Supercross series. Our Outdoor Motocross races provide 39 different bike classes; and separate PeeWee and Big Bike tracks.

Click on the above links for more details on the different events we promote, including class lists, race rules and schedules.

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