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**On Race Wknd Saturday’s at Kellogg and Mankato it is required that all guests purchase a Sunday pit pass to enter the facility. If you leave Saturday evening by 8pm, and turn in your pit pass to the Gate worker, you will be refunded for the pit pass.

No memberships required for practices. All Forms available at the track only. All minors must have their Parent with them at practice or a signed and notarized Notary Form assigning another adult as their guardian for the day. No Parent, No Notary Form, No Riding!! Notary Form available here.

Click for map to Mankato, Kellogg, Jordan


1. Helmets must be worn at all times when riding.
2. Walking Pace MAXIMUM in the pit area (to and from your pit only) at all times and push your bike in the track area. If this rule is not followed, we will have to go to a push-only policy.
3. Do NOT ride on the service roads or in the pit area; stay on the race track at all times and do not cut the course to do a section or jump over and over - it's very dangerous to other riders to jump back on the track from the side. Riding off the track also causes dust that is a major problem with our neighbors.
4. Everyone must sign the waivers before you unload anything.
5. Must have your rider wristband on at all times.

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Updated 1/31/2007

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