Due to the increased pressures by the government, both national and local, Motokazie is creating an opportunity to educate riders in hopes of conserving your personal riding areas as well as the local motorsports industry. Please note that lowering sound will help to preserve your rights to ride. It is Motokazie’s goal to educate and assist riders to meet current sound rules. We will have available at our events: exhaust packing, insert tips, instructions, test procedure info, and trained staff. We will also provide sound data on Motokazie.com.

2014 AMA and Motokazie Rule is 94 dBa
Motokazie will be enforcing 94 dBa at practices as well as Supercross and Motocross races.

Click here for the AMA rule and test procedure:

The American Motorcyclist Association sound rule, enforced by District 23 and Motokazie, is important to all riders. Each machine is tested at a set RPM based on information from the manufacturer and the Motorcycle Industry Council. The test is taken 20 inches from the exhaust tip at a 45 degree angle. This test is called the SAE J1287. (SAE J1287 procedure guidelines)

Motokazie SX testing rules.

We follow the AMA and District 23 sound rule.  Please see above for the rules.

Quieting the pipe you already have

There are several different options you have to reduce the sound output of your exhaust.

  1. Repack. The packing in all silencers needs changing just like engine oil. All silencers are different but typically they need to be repacked at 15-25 hours.

FMF Repacking guide http://www.fmfracing.com/RiderSupport/RepackingInstructions
Leo Vince repacking guide http://www.leovinceusa.com/main/support/X3-REFIT.pdf
Yoshimura repacking guide http://www.yoshimura-rd.com/page.asp?p_key=92A393C03208434CBB19497F03F401F9
Dr. D repacking guide http://www.dubachracing.com/repacking.html

  1. Inserts. There are many different inserts you can put in your exhaust to quiet it down. Motokazie has a variety that we carry to all the races and many aftermarket exhaust companies sell inserts for the pipes they manufacture. Generally, anything bigger than 1.5 inches at the exhaust exit will not pass.

Aftermarket exhaust
If you want the performance gains of an aftermarket exhaust, make sure the pipe meets the rule standard. Most manufacturers are currently producing exhaust systems that meet 2011 standards but some are behind the curve. Make sure the manufacturer stands behind or guarantees its dB/A rating. All pipes should come with, or you should be able to purchase, different inserts for more tuning options. As the summer progresses, MK will have a chart of various pipes testing results to help you better decide what to buy. (What pipes are passing)